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Homework from "Managing Engineering and Technology by Dan L. Babcock, Lucy C. Morse (2009)"


Functional departmentation is used when the company is very small, and each person with a different function is forms a different department.

Geographic departmentation is used when the company has locations separated by a big distance.

Customer departmentation is used when different sales or advertisement tactics have to be used for different customer types.

Product departmentation is often used when the products are quite different and resources needed by both products can not be shared efficiently.

Process departmentation can be used when equipment is very expensive, immobile or critical that it must be operated centrally.



Company X(Bi national), Country X-Country Y

Total workers=approx 3300

2 CEOs (1 from Country X, 1 from Country Y)

14 Department Directors

Approx 70 Sector managers

Approx 200 Sub sector managers

The higher levels of management have less people under their control, but the lower have much more.



A Sub sector manager in a technology department has around 15 people under him and he is in charge of controlling, advising and supervising them. In my opinion the spam is correct due to the intensive training the workers have before entering the company.


When the telecommunications company I was working for implemented a new internet access technology, a big group of engineers from different departments in the company, but most of them with background in telecommunications, was selected to start the implementation. The main task of the group was to install and configure the new equipment and train the personal. When the system was fully working, most of the engineers were transferred to other departments or were given administrative and supporting roles in that department.



The most important thing, in my opinion is to never stop training and studying, this can be accomplished forming part of engineers and managers associations and constantly assist to seminars.



-Document the number of technical staff on hand

-Estimate the quantity necessary for the next year, estimate the changes in the current staff and calculate the necessary amount of hiring needed to fill the positions for the next year.

-Search new staff from college and develop a hiring plan for experienced personnel

-When new staff cannot be found, use overtime or hire temporary staff.



The performance appraisal technique I am familiar with is the conventional rating scale; in witch the employees are given a rating from 1 to 5. The problem with this technique is that the manager tends to give the same rate to each category, or the manager gives good ratings to make him look good.



This situation can happen when an engineer is given some responsibility but they are not given the authority to accomplish it. The tools the engineer can use to accomplish the task are personal influence, persuasion or threat of appeal to higher authority.



Yes, because when an engineer changes its role of engineer to a manager role the engineer has to learn to delegate duties and accept the result from the subordinates, even if they are not as good as the one he could have gotten, and that is something not easy to do.



The senate of the US is a committee of 100 members in charge of making decisions to set the course of the country. They meet constantly according to an agenda or in emergency situations, where they are given the information necessary to make the decisions in the session.

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