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Homework from "Managing Engineering and Technology by Dan L. Babcock, Lucy C. Morse (2009)"


They both required specialized knowledge and intensive preparation, high standards of achievement and conduct, but they differ in that Engineering requires more scientific knowledge than management.


First level managers usually work closer to the field with the technical staff, requiring more technical knowledge than higher levels. First level decisions are usually of short term compared to high level decisions. Intermediate level is the connection between the first level and the top level.


Intermediate managers make plans of intermediate range to achieve the long range goals set by the top management. The middle level management is in charged to summarize the information from the first level and deliver that information to the higher level.


The three skills needed by a manager as conceived by Katz are technical, interpersonal and conceptual. The amount of each varies depending on the level of management, while technical skill are very important on a first level management, they are not as much in the top level, but still required. Interpersonal skills are required in the same amount in every level. And conceptual skills are more important in top level than low levels, but still required in every level.


First level manager: the leader, because there is no other manager under its position who could compensate the lack of leadership of the manager. The monitor, because most of the staff doesn’t have a lot of responsibility. The disturbance handler because is where most of the problems occur.


Middle level: The disseminator, because its main function is to disseminate information. The resource allocator and the negotiator, because the middle manager will be in charge of many sections of the company. 

Top level: The figurehead and the spokesman because the top level represent the company to the outside. The entrepreneurial, because the top level have the power to change the entire course of the company.


The difference is that engineering management requires a lot of technical skills and knowledge. An engineer can became an Engineer manager acquiring management knowledge, while a manager cannot became an engineer management just acquiring some technical knowledge.


It is so important because it is almost exactly the same as the accounting system use today. They implemented memorandums, journals ledgers, supporting documents and internal checks.


Most of the big cities in developing countries are going through the same process. Some of the are Rio de Janeiro- Brazil,  Buenos Aires- Argentina, Asuncion-Paraguay, Bombay- India.


The ASME introduced the concept of management and economics to engineering. Towne explained how important is to have a medium to exchange information and experiences about management.

As an engineer it is very important to active in professional societies to acquire current management knowledge besides the engineering knowledge.


The other reasons for the results could have been the pride of the women in being a part of something important, the spirit the corps developed in the work group, and the satisfaction of having some control over their own destiny.


Charles Babbage

He described ideas on division of labor, his “methods of observing manufactories”, and methods of optimizing factory size and location, and he proposed a profit-sharing scheme.

Henry Towne

He helped to create the ASME and introduced the concept of management and economics to engineering.

Frederick Taylor

He made possible for engineers to have a medium for sharing their management problems and solutions while he was working in the ASME.

The Gilbreths

They studied the influence of psychology in the industries and management.


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