Design project

Simulate EPON technologies using the TDMA and IPACT approaches, generate graphs for both protocols and compare them.


Generate Delay vs Load graph for TDMA and IPACT.

Generate Packets Drop vs Load graph for TDMA and IPACT.

Generate Utilization vs Load graph for TDMA and IPACT.


Project specifications:


16 ONUs

Queue size=10Mbyte

ONU load from 0Mbps to 100Mbps represented in the project as load 0 to 1 in 0.1 steps.


Extra credit project: Simulate and generate the same graphs utilizing 3 different traffic priorities in each ONU.


To get the results for each individual load, the system has to be simulated for a big amount of packets for every value of the load. For this we created a traffic file consisting of 33000 packets for each load from 0 to 1 in steps of 0.1. This gave us a total traffic of 330000 packets.

The load increases gradually from 0 to 1 so the system can stabilize for every value of the load, getting that way, very consistent values for the graphs.


The simulation code was written in C++, and the program generates a set of data that is used by another code in MATLAB to generate the graphs.


We decided to go for the entire project simulating and generating graphs for IPACT and TDMA EPON using 1 and 3 traffic priorities.




TDMA EPON 3 priorities


IPACT 3 priorities


From this results we conclude that IPACT is much more efficient for lower loads than TDMA, having lower link utilization. IPACT also have lower delays for low load. When the load is high, both protocol perform similar.

Something not seing in the graphs is that for medium loads, the queues of the ONUs are getting loaded, and TDMA’s queues are getting loaded much faster than IPACT’s queues, but for packets to get dropped the simulation has to be run for much longer, because the queues size’s are big enough to keep the delayed packets for a while.

Using 3 priorities give similar results, with the difference that the delay for priority 1 is much lower than for priority 2 and 3.

If the simulation is run for much longer the packets with priority 2 and 3 will start to drop as the load increases.


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