Homework from "Managing Engineering and Technology by Dan L. Babcock, Lucy C. Morse (2009)"


The main reasons are because it makes the process easier to manage and easier to find any problem in it.



They differ in that in the technical feasibility stage the main objective is to confirm the target performance of the new product through experimentation and accepted engineering analysis and to ascertain that there are no technical or economic barriers to implementation that cannot overcome by development.



Changes in a design can a have a huge impact in the project, which is why configuration management in control designs is necessary, so a change in the project can be addressed in the right manner to avoid any problem that change can cause in the rest of the project.



In the company I work, when the first draw of the software is created, the boss look at it and give the ok to continue the project, after that the software is designed in details and is reviewed later by the boss and the other programmers.



Before the 20th century, there was no law defending the consumer. He would buy the product on its own risk. In 1916 in the United States the first case for a malfunctioning product was won by a consumer, thus beginning the era of product liability, where companies would take care in how to describe and specify their products. In the 1960s some changes were made in those laws, where the court said the manufacture company would be responsible for damages caused by their product if they didnít inform the user of the hazard of using the product, even when the hazard was unknown.



What a company can do to avoid liability problems is:

-Include safety as a primary specification of the product

-Use standard, proven materials and components

-Subject the design to thorough analysis and testing

-Employ a formal design review process in which safety is emphasized

-Specify proven manufacturing methods

-Assure an effective, independent quality control and inspection process

-Be sure that there are warning labels on the product where necessary

-Document all product safety precautions, actions, and decisions though the product life cycle.



The Macintosh computers from Apple are a very good example of good reliability. Mac computers are known for being more reliable than PCs, that is why Mac computers are much more expensive but still have a good share of the market.









c) 2 in series with 1 in parallel

R12= (0.9)^2 =0.81



d) 2 parallel with 1 in series





a) RT=0.95*0.98=0.931


b) RT=1-(1-0.95)(1-0.98)=0.999



A good example would be Microsoft office 2007, there were almost any new functionality in the product compared to the previous version, but the user interface look much nicer, and thus the product was more expensive.








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